Generic change, e.g. change in the terms of an issue or identification of a security, change of a board lot, change from global to definitive form. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
The difference between the last settlement price and the last reported ask, bid or trade. LIFFE
The difference between the previous day's closing price and the most recent price of a security. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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I. change change 1 [tʆeɪndʒ] verb [transitive]
1. to exchange a unit of money for smaller units that add up to the same value:

• Can you change a £20 note?

2. to exchange money in one currency into money of another currency:

• I want to change these dollars into Euros.

3. to exchange something that you have bought, especially because there is something wrong with it:

• We will only change goods accompanied by a receipt.

4. change hands if property changes hands, it passes from one owner to another:

• Volume was heavy on the NYSE, where about 2.19 billion shares changed hands.

  [m0] II. change change 2 noun [uncountable]
1. the money you get back when you have paid for something with more money than it costs:

• She received a forged banknote in her change.

• You won't get much change from a ten pound note here.

2. money in the form of coins and notes of low value:

• I have about a dollar in change.

• I didn't have any small change for the telephone.

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change UK US /tʃeɪndʒ/ verb
[I or T] to become or make something different, or to exchange something for something else: »

The company has changed considerably since I joined in 2005.


She decided that it was time to change jobs.

[T] MONEY to exchange an amount of money for the same value in another currency: »

If you're unable to change money before you travel, most international airports will have a bureau de change.

change sth into sth »

Here you'll find the best exchange rate for changing your US dollars into euros.

[T] MONEY to exchange a unit of money for coins or smaller units of paper money that add up to the same value: »

Could you change this twenty dollar bill for a ten and two fives?


Many superstores have change machines where you can change your coins into banknotes.

[T] UK COMMERCE to return something you bought to a store and exchange it for something new, for example because it was damaged or the wrong size. A store changes an item when it agrees to give a customer a new item in exchange for one that is damaged, etc.: »

Some places won't let you change items without a receipt.


The store offered to change the faulty items or refund my money.

change hands — Cf. change hands
change UK US /tʃeɪndʒ/ noun
[C or U] the process or result of making something different or becoming different: change to sth »

After making changes to its business model, the company's net profits increased by 22%.

change in sth »

Owing to a change in policy, customers will now be charged a fee for early withdrawals.

implement/make a change »

The new head of department is certain to make some changes.

manage change »

One of the hardest aspects of being a top manager is managing change.


a fundamental/major/significant change


Please notify us of any change of address.

[U] MONEY coins used as money: »

Do you have any change for the parking meter?

[U] MONEY smaller units of money or coins given in exchange for a larger unit of money that is worth the same amount: »

Can you make change for a 100 dollar bill?

[U] MONEY the money that is returned to you after you have paid for something that costs less than the amount you gave: »

I think the waiter gave me the wrong change.

See also AGENT OF CHANGE(Cf. ↑agent of change), BUREAU DE CHANGE(Cf. ↑bureau de change), CAREER CHANGE(Cf. ↑career change), CHAMPION OF CHANGE(Cf. ↑champion of change), CHANGE AGENT(Cf. ↑change agent), LOOSE CHANGE(Cf. ↑loose change), POCKET CHANGE(Cf. ↑pocket change), SHORT-CHANGE(Cf. ↑short-change), STEP CHANGE(Cf. ↑step change)

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